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Mini Lesson: Road to Revolution

Stamp Act cartoon for website

SSUSH3 The student will explain the primary causes of the American Revolution. b. Explain colonial response to such British actions as the Proclamation of 1763, the Stamp Act, and the Intolerable Acts as seen in Sons and Daughters of Liberty and Committees of Correspondence. Road to Revolution Powerpoint Guiding Questions 1.  What was the Stamp Act and Why was it ...

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Mini Lesson: Jamestown Colony

Picture of Jametown Fort around 1610 picture taken from http://www.gatter.net/

JAMESTOWN POWERPOINT (Click to Download) Standard: SSUSH1 The student will describe European settlement in North America during the 17th century.      a. Explain Virginia’s development; include the Virginia Company, tobacco cultivation,relationships with Native Americans such as Powhatan, development of the House of Burgesses, Bacon’s Rebellion, and the development of slavery Historical Background: Jamestown is the United States first permant  English ...

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About Mr. Watkins


Mr Watkins Comes to Johns Creek High School after spending last year at Berkmar High School.  Prior to teaching at Berkmar, Mr. Watkins spent 5 years in Cobb County Schools at both South Cobb and Campbell High School.  During his time in Cobb County, Watkins served as both a Head Boy’s Basketball Coach as well as administrator and Social Studies ...

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